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About Our Medical Office

Whether you are looking for help with weight loss, allergy control, diabetes, hypertension or a host of other problems we are here to help you succeed in healthy goals.  At Calallen Medical Clinic our sense of satisfaction comes from providing you with the highest quality, most personalized and cost efficient medical solutions appropriate for your individual needs.  In other words, we strive diligently to provide you the extra-ordinary care we would want for ourselves and our families.  Below are a few of the principles that guide us:

• Experienced providers.   Our team of providers engage in continuing medical education to bring you the leading edge of medical care. Yet we’re not opposed to learning a thing or two from our academic patients.

• Convenience.   A number of “same day appointments” are reserved daily to minimize wait time for those “sick” visits.

• Your  peace of mind.   Making sure you get your test results you expect and deserve. You shouldn’t have to say to yourself, “I guess my test was normal”. If for some reason you don't get your test results we encourage you to call us.

• Compassion At our medical clinic we understand this begins with listening to you.

• Mutual respect for your time.  We know you are busy and don’t want a long wait in the waiting room, and we strive hard to minimize this while also balancing the need for compassion.

Efficiency.  Our state-of-the-art system streamlines efficiency and flow of information for everyone involved in your care, helping us better meet your needs, and reduce your healthcare costs.

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